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The Community Assembly of Christmas baskets will take place at 6:00 pm on Dec. 19th at Sweetwater Primary. We will need trucks and good backs to move about 60 boxes of food from the school to the FLC. Boxes should be ready to move out about 7:30 pm. Basket distribution/delivery for FUMC will commence at 9:00 am on Dec. 20th at the FLC. We will need folks to deliver baskets to homes and some to remain at the church to assist those who are picking up baskets. Our men’s group has offered to assist on Saturday morning but others will also likely be needed. Those who have participated in the past have found this to be a blessing not only to others but a blessing to themselves as well.


The Men’s group will meet at 7:30 am on Saturday, December 20th for a delicious breakfast. Following the meal we will greatly appreciate your assistance in delivering the food baskets to needy families. Thank you in advance for your service. These baskets are truly a blessing to those on the receiving end and will help to make their Christmas much brighter.


Ladies of the church, please join us for breakfast at the Dinner Bell at 9:00 am on Saturday, December 20. If you would like to contribute to a cash gift for our waitress, the gift will be presented on this day. It’s always an enjoyable time with friends.



Bible Stories for 3-5 yr. olds @ 4:30-5:00 

Pre-School Choir for 3-5 yr. olds @ 5:00-5:30 

Children’s Choir K-5 from 5- 6 pm 

WEB @ 6:30 


YOUTH WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY                  NIGHT:  5:30pm – 7:30pm


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